Formlabs Form 2

Freeform Fabrication is an authorised distributor of the Formlabs products in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We are proud to present one of the most technologically advanced

desktop 3D printers.


FORM 2 works in SLA technology, which consists of

 curing resin using laser light. Thanks to the advanced optical system it is possible to achieve high resolution and accurate prints.

Unbeatable quality


Incredible accuracy of prints combined with a great surface finish. The 3D Form 2 printers can print using a layer of just 25 microns. The advanced laser with a power of 250 mW and a 140 micron spot diameter reproduces fine details.

A large work area

The printer allows you to create objects with

dimensions of 145 × 145 × 175 mm while

maintaining high precision

Universality of the material

A wide range of light-curing materials available for various applications.

Form 2

Automated resin feeding system

Allows for unattended operation of the device. In the case of a low level of material in the cartridge, the printer will display the appropriate message directly on the screen and in the mobile application on the smartphone.

Wireless connectivity

Fast and easy transfer of files for printing via Wi-Fi. The intuitive interface allows communication through a touch panel on the device.

Plug and play

After connecting, the 3D printer is ready for work immediately. All you have to do is import the 3D model and start printing with just one click.

The winner of the Best Desktop 3D Printer printing in SLA technology

See how it works

SLA technology

Professional and economical 3D printing technology of prototypes and design products

The lowest price on the market among 3D printers working in the technology of resin curing with laser light,

The ability to print 3D even the most complex geometries,

The possibility of using different materials to achieve model can have specific properties - be hard and stiff or flexible,

After printing the model, the printer is ready to work after just a few seconds.


Printer details

Print parameters:

Printing technology: SLA (Stereolitography)
Printing area: 145 x 145 x 175 mm
Layer thickness (Z-axis resolution): 25, 50 or 100 microns
Resin: Methacrylate photopolymer resin
Containers with resin: Cartridges (capacity 1 liter)
Diameter of the laser spot: 140 microns
Laser: Certificate EN 60825-1: 2007
Class 1 Laser Product
UV 405 nm laser, 250 mW

Physical dimensions:
Dimensions: 350 × 330 × 520 mm
Weight: 13 kg
Power supply: 100 - 240 V
1.5 A 50/60 Hz
65 W

The complete Formlabs ecosystem

Dedicated PreForm software

PreForm automatically prepares models for printing, giving you the freedom and time to focus on design. The virtual model is ready in a few minutes, after sending it to the printer's memory, the printout starts with just one click, just like printing a 2D document.

WI-FI module

Send a file to the 3D printer and let it print.

Auto orientation 

Preform automatically

orientates your models in an optimal way. 

Structural support  

Intelligent generation of structural support to guarantee smooth and complete prints.   

Controlling the modals

Import, duplicate or change the size of the models. 

A simplified printing system where the software automatically orientates the models in the work area and automatically generates support for optimal results. Printing is fast and convenient thanks to the built-in wireless function.

The PreForm software allows you to operate several devices at the same time, which significantly simplifies the workflow when using multiple devices. Files sent in supported formats, such as STL or OBJ are automatically repaired and prepared for printing using the built-in functions from the NetFabb software.

Formlabs Design Guide

A good print starts with a well-designed model, optimised for 3D printing.

Familiarise yourself with the developer guide, which contains useful information for designers, including limitations of height, width, depth and detail size, in a comprehensive Design-Guide.

Remote access and management

Allowing you access and manage your devices. The application will notify you of the start, interruption or completion of your prints. It will show you the device operation history and its current material consumption.


You are invited to visit our model gallery. All these models have been printed using Formlabs Form 2 3D printers.

Want to see more before you buy? visit our FormLABs Showroom to get hands-on demo of the Form 2 printers

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