Advanced photo-curable resins for even better results




Exceptional performance, high quality.
Modified material for the highest quality results. The standard Formlabs resin retains high model accuracy without the risk of loss of strength.

• The material is available in four colors:
transparent, white, gray and black


• High resolution:
Resin for demanding details that will capture the smallest elements of the model.


• Durability and precision:
Standard resin allows you to create accurate and reliable elements, ideal for rapid prototyping of the product.


• Surface finishing:
Perfectly smooth right after removing from the printer, the parts printed in SLA technology have a gloss finish.

Dedicated to jewellers and designers for making casts, it burns out completely without leaving ash residue. It allows you to capture the finest details of the product while maintaining a perfectly smooth surface.

Formlabs Recommended Casting Houses

Recommended Burnout Process and Casting Guide

High Temp

This material is ideal for static applications at higher temperatures. High Temp resin can be used in manufacturing processes such as casting and thermo-forming. Resistant to temperature of 289°C at 0.45 MPa, is the highest temperature resistant material on the market of 3D printing materials.


The material achieves a hardness of only 80A rubber hardness (Shore scale). Flexibility is excellent for simulating soft-touch elements that are important for ergonomics. Used for the production of parts that have to bend or compress.


The durable material, simulating polypropylene (PP), has a comparably low modulus of elasticity and impact resistance. With this flexible and also abrasion resistant material, parts can be made to be used during operation without the risk of deformation. The surface retains a higher gloss.


It was created to imitate ABS material while maintaining comparable elasticity and tensile strength. The ideal material for functional prototypes. This durable, impact-resistant material has been developed to withstand heavy loads and eliminate deformations.

Dental SG

First class bio-compatible material (EN-ISO 10993-1: 2009 / AC: 2010, USP Class VI), intended for dentists to create precise surgical guides, dental models or similar details.

Dental LT clear

Resin bio-compatible with high resistance to break and wear, making Dental LT Clear ideally suited for rails, fasteners and other direct orthodontic appliances. Thanks to the transparent color, a high optical transparency for beautiful end products is obtained.

Dental model

Designed for crown-bridge models with interchangeable dies, the Dental Model is a resin with high precision and incredible accuracy. Print the smallest details with an accuracy of ± 35 micrometers and removable matrices with a constant fit. Smooth, matt surface finish and a plaster-like color facilitate the transition from analogue to digital production.